Hardscape Installation

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Hardscape Installation

Imagine extending your living space outdoors. A beautiful and elegant backyard will not only increase the value of your house but also provide wonderful social opportunities for you.
ViceScapes Designs & Landscaping can help you with your hardscape design needs. We will meet on your site to plan and design your landscape and we will be open to hearing what you have in mind. We can create landscapes that will last a lifetime. To create beautiful landscapes, we only use the finest materials and equipment. We can create your hardscape project with absolute precision. Our team of landscapers is committed to ensuring that hardscape quality and longevity are maintained. Each cut is made with precision. No detail on your hardscape project will go unnoticed.
Concrete Stairs Building

Entranceways and Driveways

The entrance to your home is where you will see all of your guests, visitors, and it is also where you come home every day after work. An attractive entrance can increase the value of a property’s home. We can help you add curb appeal and value to any home, whether it is new or old.

Benefits of Pavers on Your Driveway

  • Strength: Concrete Paving Stones are meticulously manufactured so they can withstand extreme abuse. Paving stones can be up to 3 times stronger than concrete poured in place.
  • Flexibility: The way concrete pavers were installed results in a surface that is naturally flexible. The pavers can adjust to the freeze/thaw shift and virtually eliminate cracking that is more common with asphalt or pour-in concrete.
  • Simple to Maintain: Maintaining driveway pavers can be much easier than maintaining asphalt driveways. Asphalt cracks and stains can cause costly, time-consuming repairs. A paver that is stained or damaged should be replaced by a brand new one.
  • Simple to Replace or Repair: Usually, a driveway that is asphalt or concrete will fail must be taken out and rebuilt. Although patchwork is possible, many homeowners will need to replace their entire driveway. You can only replace the areas that are damaged with paving stones.
  • Style Flexibility: Your imagination is the only limit to your design possibilities with paving stones. You can make your driveway stand out by mixing colors, textures, and using laying patterns. Your driveway can have a contemporary or traditional look by choosing pavers that match the color and character of your house.
  • Quick Install: Paving stones are ready to go immediately after installation. Concrete and asphalt require a wait before you can drive. In urban areas, where parking restrictions are strict or nonexistent, this is a more serious problem.

Backyard Patios

You can relax after an exhausting day at work or entertain on Friday nights. Your home will also be more valuable if you have an outside living area. The backyard patio is sure to become the favorite room in your house. The homeowners are constantly looking to make their backyards more comfortable, unique and allow them to enjoy the sun and warmth of their evenings. Outdoor kitchens, living rooms and outdoor firepits are all possible. We can help you explore all the options available. Landscape Lighting, Pergolas & Pavilions; Garden Beds & Planters; BBQ Islands, water features and fire pits are some of the most common options.

Landscape Design Services

ViceScapes design and landscaping can help you plan your patio, driveway, or walkway. Sometimes homeowners are not sure exactly what they want. Our team will show you the possibilities within your budget. Doesn’t matter the size, we are always ready to work on your dream project. Contact us today!